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Navigating Change: Taking The First Step

Dice lined up that say change

Change…it’s a scary thing. What we already know seems so much more comfortable because we can predict more of the same. It’s the unknown we can’t predict, that seems scary. Not changing is like carrying a 40-pound rock called “unchanged”. We carry it around not for a few seconds, or hours, but forever. An unexecuted change can weigh you down and potentially negatively affect other areas of your life. As Roy T. Bennet said, “Change begins at the end of your comfort zone”. It may be scary at the edge of the comfort zone, but we would like to encourage you to take the first step into the opposite side of your comfort zone.

Embrace the Idea of Changing. Stop looking for the negative, there is a natural opposite, the positive. Check the facts why there needs to be change. Not changing is most likely based on your opinion, and your opinions are always based on your emotions and are emotionally charged.

Remind Yourself Why Change is Needed. Not changing affects your life biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually, and here is how:

1. Relationships

If not changing involves relationships, what is that costing you? Are you choosing comfort at the cost of a healthy positive relationship?

Some successful executives and entrepreneurs put their personal lives on hold, rationalizing their choice to work hard to develop their businesses and careers.

Congratulations!.. you are working hard, possibly creating a lack of personal connection with loved ones. While you are providing your loved ones with monetary support, lack of connection can lead to divorce from your spouse or even entitlement from your children—two ways to find yourself miserable.

2. Psychological Wellness

That 40-pound rock that you are carrying around can cause you all types of stress. You might be feeling sad, irritable, helpless, or even worthless. While not making change can cause your self-esteem to plunge.

It takes mental energy to not do something, even though you know it would be helpful. The result? Decreased focus, concentration, creativity, and mental insight.

3. Physical Health

That 40-pound rock affects your physical health, too. Mental stress can also affect your physical health. The anxiety increase by mental stress can cause headaches, backaches, GI issues, chest pains and due to a suppressed immune system, even more colds.

4. Spirituality

Being the true you, applying your values and strengths, is hard when you are stressed out. And when we are not our authentic selves, we often behave in unhealthy ways: excessive shopping, substance abuse, overeating. A life of purpose and meaning is easier to achieve when you do not have stressors, like a needed change, that is keeping you in that unchanged comfort zone. When you make the changes to become the real you, an energetic shift occurs, in both you and those around you.